Up until 1930 there were no surf life saving clubs on the Palm Beach strip. In this year the City of Brisbane Royal Life Saving Club changed its name and set up the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club. Many of Pacific’s foundation members were previously members of this club. When World War II broke out many of the surf club members went off to join the Army, Navy or Air Force. In 1945 most of the pre-war members came back to their old clubs but found that times had changed. Many of our foundation members who were returned servicemen had difficulty returning to Palm Beach SLSC.

For some time the local Progress Association had been asking for a new club to be started in the North Palm Beach area. There was an increase in the number of houses and people living in this area, which represented a water safety problem. At the end of the 1946-47 season twenty members left Palm Beach SLSC to start a new surf club between there and Tallebudgera SLSC.

Pacific SLSC was very lucky to be started with members who had experience as Captains, Chief Instructors, Secretary, Treasurer and Transport Officers. When these members decided to break away, 15 of them decided to put in £5 each to start off the club.

Finding a name for our new surf club had its problems. From the many put forward such as ‘Pacific’, ‘North Palm Beach’ and ‘Elanora’ – ‘Pacific’ was chosen. This name reflected that most of the foundation members were returned servicemen who had served in the Pacific area. A close look at the clubs official badge will show that its design is the same as the returned serviceman’s badge. The club colours were also taken from the Pacific area; brown for the sand, blue for the sea and gold for the sun.

The first official meeting of the club was held on Thursday 26th April 1947.